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Chronic and Acute Pain

According to a 2012 National Health Interview Survey, 25 million Americans lived with some type of pain every day for the last 3 months.  If you or someone you know is dealing with chronic pain, you have first hand knowledge of how it can effect quality of life.  50% of people that miss work do so because of pain and health care costs total 50 billion dollars a year.  

Acupuncture has been shown to be an effective treatment for many kinds of pain.  Pain doesn't discriminate and effects all kinds of people at any time.  While some people have been experiencing the same pains for decades, others wake up and experience pain for the first time that day.  Whether pain is acute or chronic, acupuncture has been shown to help by reducing inflammation, increasing circulation, and promoting healing.  Even if that condition can't be cured, reducing pain levels can drastically improve quality of life.  All of us want to live a happy, healthy life.  Reducing pain makes it possible for people to improve sleep, increase energy, and spend more time doing what they love.

Back Pain

Neck Pain

Knee Pain

Tennis Elbow

Golfer's Wrist

Carpal Tunnel 

Upper Back Tension


Plantar Fasciitis


What Causes Pain?

Pain is the result of tissue damage.  The body sends nerve signals to the brain warning about damage to prevent further injury.  If the body does not heal the initial damage, nerve signals continue causing chronic pain.  If the body continues to try to heal the area, inflammation continues and swelling and redness can occur.

How much experience does Dr. Lexi have in treating Pain?

Dr. Lexi completed her 4 year undergraduate degree in biology with an emphasis in health and medical sciences.  She then completed her 3 year masters degree in Acupuncture in Northwestern Health Sciences University.  During that time she completed a four month internship at Wood Winds Hospital in St. Paul treating post-operative pain.  In 2018, she completed her doctorate in acupuncture with Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.  She is currently the only doctor of acupuncture in the state of North Dakota.  She takes a special interest in treating pain due to having her own personal sports related injuries from playing basketball and volleyball.

What will my first appointment be like?

The first thing we do when you come for an appointment in my clinic is sit down for a long talk. The initial intake for acupuncture treatment is going to cover both your pain symptoms and your overall health. The location, quality, severity, and duration of your pain are all very significant and influence your Chinese medicine diagnosis.

I use the location of your pain to determine the affected acupuncture meridians, and then follow those meridians down their pathways to powerful points in the extremities. In the case of acute spasm, I would not apply acupuncture to the spasmed muscles. For chronic pain, I would apply treatment to the affected areas.

For treatment after you leave the clinic, I may suggest herbal medicine or nutritional supplements. I will likely also give you some exercises to do at home for stretching, pain relief and even prevention of future injury.

Pain Conditions Treated with Acupuncture

How often do acupuncturists treat pain?

It is estimated that 70% of patients receiving acupuncture do so for pain syndromes.  

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