Dr. Lexi has completed her Doctorate in Acupuncture at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.  She is proud to serve the Fargo community and to be the only Doctor of Acupuncture in North Dakota.
Acupuncture and herbs have been used for thousands of years to restore health.  At FM Acupuncture, Dr. Lexi combines Traditional Eastern Theory with Western Diagnosis and Food Therapy creating a whole body treatment plan.  Symptoms are your bodies way of communicating imbalance with you.   Sometimes you have to listen to everything that is happening, large or small, to make real change.  Whether you have pain, stress, digestive issues, thyroid imbalance, sinus issues, or even the common cold, acupuncture can work for you.
If you have questions about acupuncture treating a specific condition, please email  She is happy to answer all of your questions before your first appointment.

Know Your Acupuncturist!

A Board Certified Acupuncturist has completed 3 years of acupuncture training and is nationally and locally licensed.  For more information click the link below.


Restore balance to the body while reducing inflammation, increasing circulation, and improving rest.


Relax muscle and ease tension with this ancient form of massage.

Food As Medicine

Traditional Food Therapy combined with Western Nutrition is the perfect way to prevent and heal.

Feedback We’ve Received

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Lexi is amazing. I've never been asked so many questions and felt so thoroughly understood before being treated by a physician before going to FM Acupuncture! After one treatment I slept better and noticed relief from usual swelling and issues related to previous medical issues and after the second treatment I saw an immediate reduction in swelling and an enormous boost in mood and energy. Aside from the obvious talent and competency that Lexi possesses, she has a phenomenal network of other physicians she works with to help with continuing care in other areas outside of the scope of acupuncture. Her professionalism and passion for what she does is thoroughly inspiring and gives me so much hope for a healthy future.

Hattie M.

I was fortunate enough to learn more about acupuncture from Lexi Corwin and booked my first appointment for a nagging shoulder problem. I had consistent soreness and lack of flexibility. After my first treatment, I immediately noticed more flexibility and the muscle areas that have been nagging me in my shoulder for over two years, were noticeably improved!

I am going to bring my son next who experiences Seasonal Allergies/Hay Fever congestion that prevents a good night's sleep. We are excited to find out his results. Stay Tuned!

Ron W.

I am beyond pleased with the care I receive from Lexi at FM Acupuncture. I saw noticeable healing within my first treatment. Lexi does a FABULOUS job and was able to accommodate my schedule - which I SO appreciate. I find acupuncture to be very relaxing and was surprised at how painless it is! I highly recommend Lexi at FM Acupuncture!

Krysta B.

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